We'll fix your car.

Carlos-fixing-a-Land-CruiserOur trained technicians more than 35 years of experience for all major & minor service and repair work.

We diagnose and fix everything that impacts your ability to use your vehicle, including engine repair, transmission servicing and replacement, electrical diagnosis and repair, exhaust system problems, air conditioning troubleshooting, and suspension/alignment issues.

We use only premium parts for our repair work.

Japanese Auto Services include:

General Auto Repair
We are expert at all kind of engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, electrical troubleshooting, and repair.
State of the art Hunter Alignment Machine

State of the Art Hunter Alignment Machine

Using factory adjustments, we can optimize your vehicles handling, minimize tire wear and possibly increase gas mileage.  After market kits are available for further adjustment if factory adjustments don't do the trick.  We use a state-of-the-art Hunter wireless, alignment machine.
Tire Mounting and Balance
Properly mounted and balanced tires are the key to a smooth ride for you and your car. Additionally, a well-balanced ride leads to more even tire wear and increased gas efficiency.
Shock and Strut Replacement
Also important to a smooth and balanced ride are properly installed shocks and struts.  We will check yours and replace with premium parts, if necessary.
Factory Scheduled Maintenance and Tuneups
We can perform any factory recommended service that your Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, or Infiniti vehicle requires.  Contrary to popular belief, this will NOT affect your warranty with your manufacturer if you do not have your vehicle serviced through the dealer.
Manual Transmissions
We can replace, rebuild and repair, or just service manual transmissions.
We adjust, repair, and replace clutches in all Japanese standard transmission vehicles.
Engine Control Units (ECUs)
We can update and re-program Toyota Engine Control Units.
Electrical Problems
We are electrical diagnostic experts at Japanese Auto Service.  Three of our technicians have a military background in Avionics.  We can quickly and effectively diagnose and repair most electrical problems.
If you have been told that you have a leaking CV axle, CV boot we can replace it for a very reasonable price.  Our axles are remanufactured locally by small businesses and meet original equipment standards.
We use only top quality brake pads, usually manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer.  We resurface brake rotors and drums in house as well.
We replace drive belts as well as timing belts.
Air Conditioning
We can repair and service all modern AC systems.  Our AC service machine recycles R-134 refrigerant.  We specialize in Honda, Toyota, and Subaru AC system repair.
Headlight Lens Polishing
If your headlights are faded or yellow, we can polish them to look brand new again.Headlight - Before and After Polishing
Used Car Checks
If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car, make sure you bring it by for a used car check.  This may be used to prevent you from buying a car that has hidden problems such as a “flood” vehicle or rust bucket.  These checks are very thorough and are well worth it.  We have saved many customers from buying a car that would turn into a headache.